About Us

The Society was organized and registered in Honolulu on March 17th, 1955, with THE OFFICE OF THE TREASURER OF THE TERRITORY OF HAWAII. Four years later, The Territory of Hawaii became the State of Hawaii.

The objects and purposes of the organization are to be charitable and benevolent in alignment with the founding organization of 1771 in Philadelphia, five years prior to the Declaration of Independence.

The objects and purposes of the organization shall be charitable and benevolent and especially

(a) the assistance of indigent persons of Irish birth or ancestry;
(b) the assistance of needy scholars of similar birth or ancestry in furtherance of their education, research and other allied projects;
(c) the cultivation of social intercourse among its members;
(d) the cultivation of interest in, and knowledge of, the history, folklore and customs of Ireland and its people;
(e) the furtherance of economic, social and moral well-being of Ireland and persons of Irish birth and ancestry, provided that no part of the activities of the corporation shall be the carrying on of propaganda or attempting to influence legislation.

For the past 57 years the members of the Society have supported a “Social/Educational” context that includes:

  1.  The Scholarship Program
  2. The Annual Emerald Ball
  3.  The St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Over the years, our Scholarship awards has risen from $200.00 to $12,000.00 per year and our endowment continues to grow.

Our Emerald Ball, attended by members and guests, has become an enjoyable and elegant fund raising evening in early March .

The Honolulu St. Patrick’s Day Parade is one of the most notable events in the State of Hawaii and has been funded and organized by the Society from 1956. It is the last St. Patrick’s Day parade held anywhere in the world.

Following the parade, the Friends of St. Patrick and their Irish-for-a-day friendly friends have gathered at Kelly O’Neil’s in Waikiki, to celebrate the occasion and raise funds for our Educational Program.