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The Society of the Friends of St. Patrick

PO Box 2178

Honolulu, HI 96805




Press Release for Immediate Release


RE: Saint Patrick’s Day Parade


Scheduled Event Tuesday March 17 at 12 Noon on Kalakaua Ave, Waikiki


Participants message for this year’s parade


The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade is respectfully on!


The Friends of Saint Patrick, the parade sponsors, will ask our parade participants to refrain from physically interacting with the public and maintaining their position on Kalakaua Ave., throughout the parade.  We ask the public on the sidewalks to follow the same common sense safety measures.


That means please do not pass out beads, swag, candy or other small gifts to the public lining the parade route.  


Refrain from shaking hands and giving hugs this year.


Smile, cheer, sing and have a good time and stay healthy.  Better times will come our way.


Above all, to all participants and the public;

If you are feeling ill stay home and get healthy for your sake and others, we wish you well and good health.  Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


Hawaii’s Irish pubs will be open and celebrating St Patrick’s Day, the same advisory goes to all attendees there.



Bill Comerford

Chairman of the Board                                                     ,                        

The Friends of Saint Patrick Hawaii                                         808-223-3997

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